Why to choose KVADRISORB  ? 

Has no quicklime in its composition : animals can eat it without problems.

Does not harm the feet of animals.

KVADRISORB acts in time. It does not destroy immediately ammonia odours but contributes if it is spread regularly :
- to improve and sanitize atmosphere in farming houses through its strong perfumes.
- to avoid the litter becomes a favourable environment to pathogenic bacteria proliferation thanks to its essential oils incorporated during its production. KVADRISORB does not kill, it sanitizes.
- these essentail oils are also insects (flies) reppelent.


KVADRISORB contains essential oils, known for their disinfecting ability.

Why essential oils and terpenes in a litter conditioner KVADRISORB?
A litter is by nature a favourable environment to bacteria proliferation.

Goal of these essential oils and terpenes :
- to avoid the bedding becomes a favourable environment to their proliferation.
- to reduce amonnia effects in farming houses.
- to sanitize atmosphere.

Why rather essential oils and terpenes than the incorporation of a chemical disinfectant even at a small concentration ?
Essential oils are by nature ingredients from natural origin.
They act in time and create a healthy environment which continues in time. Chemical disinfectants (paraformaldehyd for instance) has only an instantaneous action and become very quilcky inactive.
Their strong odour reduce ammonia effects and contributes to improve atmosphere in farming houses.