Comfort and hygiene

KVADRISORB for the comfort and health of animals

In pig production, KVADRISORB provide comfort and better hygiene for sows during farrowing.

KVADRISORB provides comfort and care of the newborn piglets during their first contact with the sow and significantly reduces the risk of bacterial contamination in the first sucking milk.
KVADRISORB is also ideal for drying newborn piglets and healing umbilical cord.

Some studies have shown that the more pig is dry, the faster it will suck the colostrum.

In poultry KVADRISORB provide dry litter:

Reduced cases of burns paws.

Prevents litter became a good place for fermentation by bacteria and disinfecting properties of litter keeps the temperature below the critical threshold of 30 º C.

In cattle KVADRISORB makes litter safe:

During calving KVADRISORB provides a healthy and fresh litter. Calving is a very delicate moment, when the cows are more fragile and more susceptible to infections or pathogenic bacteria.

In stall or individual content cows spend on average more than half of the day lying down. It is therefore very important that the udder, which is the most sensitive to infections of all kinds, has been in contact with a clean and unpolluted litter or floor.