KVADRISORB - A drier bedding and a healthy atmosphere for animal welfare.


Effective - KVADRISORB absorbs in a few minutes liquids at a ratio of 1 liter per kg of powder.

Economical - KVADRISORB it is above all a very restrained price for absorption capacity of at least identical with the majority of similar products.

Practical - KVADRISORB does not become muddy and therefore slippery when wet. It agglomerates wet residues for easier cleaning.   

Perfumed and decontaminant - KVADRISORB is scented with eucalyptus, plant well known for his expectorant properties, to purify the atmosphere in livestock premises. Eucalyptus is incorporated in essential oil form to avoid pathogenic bacteria finding in the bedding a favourable environment to proliferation. KVADRISORB shows as well an insect reppelent effect.   

Healing effect - KVADRISORB improves the air in livestock buildings by reducing the adverse effects of ammonia on farms.

For the comfort and hygiene of sows and newborn piglets during farrowing period and at the time of newborn piglet first contact with the ground and with udders. KVADRISORB is moreover ideal to dry newborn piglets and greatly helps the umbilical cord stump healing.